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Activity in Russia was slightly better than expected, in part reflecting firmer oil prices. Oil prices have increased in recent weeks, reflecting an agreement among major producers to trim supply. fiscal policy is projected to become more expansionary, with stronger future demand implying more inflationary pressure and a less gradual normalization of U. Policy rate changes since August also reflected this heterogeneity—with rate hikes in Mexico and Turkey and cuts in Brazil, India, and Russia—as did changes in EMBI (Emerging Market Bond Index) spreads. Several emerging market currencies depreciated substantially in recent months—most notably the Turkish lira and the Mexican peso—while the currencies of several commodity exporters—most notably Russia—appreciated. Forecast Global growth for 2016 is now estimated at 3.1 percent, in line with the October 2016 forecast.

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Finally, Buzz Feed is another often overlooked platform to promote your crowdfunding project for free.

In the recent record-breaking Coolest Cooler Kickstarter campaign, Buzz Feed was one of the publication that helped spread the campaign across Facebook.

In addition to these lists, I recommend checking out this compilation of top social media sites.

Creating social media profiles for your business will pay dividends years down the road.

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Kickstarter is running a promotion for a free tweet on @crowdcrux’s twitter account.The key with Pinterest is to start or join an existing board related to your category., if you are working on a new fashion accessory for women, you would seek to join a board related to fashion, or use the appropriate hashtags that others members are using.There have also been members from Kickstarter Forum who have used Buzz Feed to promote their Kickstarter.Check out their campaign below and the Buzz Feed article they wrote.If you have any questions or thoughts, leave a comment on this artilce!