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Updating field in php

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query($sql) or die(mysql_error()); $query=getenv(QUERY_STRING); parse_str($query); //$ud_title = $_POST['Title']; //$ud_pub = $_POST['Publisher']; //$ud_pubdate = $_POST['Publish Date']; //$ud_img = $_POST['Image']; ? So, how could I make the other sections update as well? ']; $pubdate = $_POST['updatepubdate']; $title = $_POST['updatetitle']; $publisher = $_POST['updatepublisher']; //...etc, as many as you need...$sql="UPDATE Books SET Publish Date='$pubdate', Title='$title', Publisher='$publisher' WHERE Book ID = ".$bookid; // check your field names are correct, and don't forget the quotes for string valuesquery($sql) or die(mysql_error()); $query=getenv(QUERY_STRING); parse_str($query); //$ud_title = $_POST['Title']; //$ud_pub = $_POST['Publisher']; //$ud_pubdate = $_POST['Publish Date']; //$ud_img = $_POST['Image']; ?You can return the json as you need, and then update the field using the id.Only the last 4 digits of the SSN will be returned after a successful update since the field contains sensitive data.Sales Force has a Toolkit for PHP, utilizing SOAP (XML-based protocol, which lets applications exchange information over HTTP).When set up and configured, your PHP application will have a Sales Force-generated WSDL file, which you will need to re-create through your Sales Force admin if the Sales Force data objects are altered in any way.'') results in them having values like 0000-00-00 and 0.00. Don't think I would have come up with this one, so kudos to you for having it and posting it! I never knew one could embed an IF statement into a My SQL update query... Also, 1 to Liz for the note about using a Where clause in the statement... So this little "if" shorthand in My SQL is a great solution. I've spent 4 hours trying to get a work around on this on my own...16 websites later you did it.

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You can view my pages online here: need help with the "Edit" section, if you look online.

if so, you will not need the single quotes around it and your code should look like: [i CODE]"UPDATE Books SET Publish Date='$update' where …

Read More The Date is just a VARCHAR right now in the database.

I just need to update the input value, is there an easier what to do this?

Actually, what I need to do is update several fields with values based on a car registration lookup using SOAP.