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Although single receiver operation was common, RCA/RMCA also utilized the AR-88 at installations in a triple diversity receiver designated the DR-89.
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Almost all of his postures, behavior, and mannerisms are those typically expected from a shy girl.His effeminate appearance makes him a perfect candidate for cross-dressing, which he finds himself engaging in involuntarily because of Nami's fetish and Runa's belief that he enjoys it.After that, they engage in sexual intercourse many times, including in public places, such as the school gym's storage locker, an onsen, and on top of a ferris wheel.During these times, she does not want Sora to call her nēsan (elder sister), but Sora feels weird saying her name.After Aki chooses to go away so that Sora would not be hurt by their love, Sora is heartbroken and realizes that he truly loves Aki and wants to be with her. Attractive, athletic, and intelligent, she’s considered a model student at school and is highly popular.In the final chapter, they meet at their mother's grave. However, at home, she has no culinary talents and fails to keep her own room clean. Unlike the rest of her family, all of whom have blond hair, Aki is a brunette.

After noticing how close Sora and Nami seem to be, Aki takes him out-of-town to spend some time together alone.After being raped by Nami, who then threatened Sora with emasculation and death if anything about the rape should ever be brought to light, he became terrified of her, but claimed that he does not hate her.They eventually rekindle their relationship when Nami asked for consensual sex, and had since then became more close.When Aki demonstrates her feelings toward him to go beyond a sister's love, Sora finds himself questioning his feelings for his sister.Realizing their affection for one another, they consummate their love in secret.In a society that would never understand, they must now keep their love a secret from their family and everyone they know. He studies in the same high school as his sisters, Aki and Nami.