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Updating electrical service

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If you are starting to see the bare wires through the insulation, water will be able to enter the cable and end up in your panel.Assuming that these conditions listed above were not found, you probably don’t need to replace the panel. Federal-Pacific service panels, while very common locally, have a poor reputation in the industry, primarily due to potential loose contacts and the alleged failure of some Federal-Pacific breakers to trip under excessive loads.Opinions vary widely regarding the degree of concern associated with these panels.If evidence of loose breakers or overheating or scorching in the panel were observed, we would certainly recommend replacement.The problem is that the ground wire is missing in knob-and-tube wiring, making proper updating impossible without installing new wire.In addition, while the copper wiring itself is not likely to deteriorate, the old cloth wrapping does, especially when close to hot lighting fixtures or in hot attics.Visibly dimming lights shouldn’t be happening whether you have a new service or not, but is probably not related to the service.

Most of the old Federal Pacific circuit breaker service panels in our area are rated for 125 amps.Contact Information: Phone: 607-773-1519 Fax: 607-773-4731 E-Mail: [email protected]: 1278 Vestal Avenue Binghamton, New York 13903 Visit us on Facebook I recently bought a house built in 1940 that had a new electrical service installed, but whenever the refrigerator starts up the lights dim.Should this be happening with a new electrical service?If significant corrosion has occurred then replacement will be necessary. The entrance cable is the large wire that delivers the electricity from the wires coming from the pole to your house to the meter box and panel.This cable has a limited life as the plastic or cloth insulation becomes weather-worn.In most instances this will be sufficient, but if you have built a large addition, or have installed central air conditioning and other 220volt circuits, the panel may not be adequate.