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Well, not exactly, but people can use their computers to engage in a variety of online sexual activities, including hooking up with partners (both virtually and in the flesh) and finding fodder for kinky obsessions.

Online porn is accessible, affordable and often anonymous, and viewing it has become a popular pastime.

The Price of Consumption Although occasional use of pornography sites and other online sexual activities does not appear to be associated with serious problems—at least according to reports from users—even relatively light use may have a negative effect on one’s partner or spouse.

Scientists debate whether addiction is an appropriate term for behaviors such as excessive gambling, shopping, Internet use, sexual activity and viewing of Internet pornography.Such attitudes are clearly detrimental to relationships with women and could conceivably be linked to crimes against them.But should we conclude that watching pornography causes these misogynistic beliefs and actions, as many social commentators assume?Those in favor of recognizing so-called behavioral addictions argue that some immoderate actions share core characteristics with alcohol and drug addiction.These include extreme indulgence and continued use despite a negative effect on the user.Emerging evidence suggests that such heavy use may be associated with harmful effects on the psyche and on relationships.