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( See our trolling section for more rigging information).

Trolling reels are designed to offer the most versatility when it comes to fishing line options.

Casting is a simple task, the angler presses and holds down a button on the rear of the reel, this disengages the line pick-up pin, upon the forward cast the line comes off the spool.

Once the crank handle is turned the pick-up pin is engaged retrieving the line on the spool.

For rods buy fiberglass their durable will hold up from abuse.h3Spinning reels where commercially introduced in 1948 by Mitchell Reel Company of France.

The design was of a fixed spool reel mounted below the fishing rod with a mechanical pick-up (wire bail) used to retrieve the fishing line.

Spincasting outfits are excellent in teaching the beginning angler and children the mechanics of casting.

The spin cast reel is mounted above the rod with the reel spool enclosed with a nose cone cover, this prevents line snarling and backlash’s that are associated with bait casting reels.

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Baitcasting outfits are excellent for many kinds of fishing, and come in a wide variety of options and types: Round and Low Profile, High and Low Retrieve Speed along with anti-reverse handles and line drags designed to slow runs by large and powerful gamefish.

Bass fisherman carry pitchin’, flippin’, crank baiting, and soft plastics combo’s.

Muskie anglers have bucktail, jerk bait and top water outfits.

Baitcasting rods have also evolved from the older 5-6 foot pool cue rods to 7-9 foot lengths used today allowing increased casting distance and accuracy.

Overall bait casting outfits are best suited for the experienced angler, they can be intimidating but you can learn with a little time and effort.