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For more information, see the following Knowledge Base articles: Support for the following operating systems Workstation 5.5 introduces support for virtual machines with 64-bit guest operating systems, running on host machines with the following processors: AMD™ Athlon™ 64, revision D or later; AMD Opteron™, revision E or later; AMD Turion™ 64, revision E or later, AMD Sempron™, 64-bit-capable revision D or later (experimental support); and Intel® EM64T VT-capable processors (experimental support). 64-bit guest operating system support added for Windows Vista x64 Edition (experimental), Windows Server 2003 SP1, Windows XP Pro, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3, SUSE Linux 10, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 9, SUSE Linux Pro 9.3, SUSE Linux Pro 9.2, SUSE Linux Pro 9.1, Solaris 10 (experimental), Free BSD 5.3 (experimental), Free BSD 5.4 (experimental), Ubuntu Linux 5.10 (experimental), Ubuntu Linux 5.04 (experimental).

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Its easier to target a smaller group than it is the global populous. Not a true instant messenger like you see on Facebook, but a shout box will be provided that is like a lightweight chat room.

What is the difference in entering as a guest and entering as a member? Is there any limit to what I can put in my profile?

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To unblock your profile you need to verify yourself.From your Facebook account, you can set your App Privacy Settings. Then on the right side of this page, click on the link "Apps". You can set the privacy to "Only Me", or to certain groups/friends. So it is a Facebook dating app - can I be anonymous on the site? It seems like there are really no free dating sites!On, click on the top right triangle/down arrow on the menu bar. On this page, click on the Friends Match Me app link. Yes, each member chooses a username to use on Friends Match Me. Friends Match Me dating site / Facebook datinng app is 100%, completely, totally free - you start free and continue free.Yes, an active Facebook account is required to use Friends Match Me. Others have also forgot to choose a username, so make sure you have chosen one! When you are logged in and on that user's profile, on the top right there is an Email button, the center button: Just click on that to open up a mail form below it to send your email! When a member is added, this icon changes to on their profile, and their username will appear in your Chat box - click on their username in the Chat box to start an instant chat with them.You can sign up for a free Facebook account at the same time as joining Friends Match Me - just click on the "Login With Facebook" button or the "Join Free" button on the Friends Match Me homepage. If you're still having issues activating your account, email us with your registered email address and we can check it out for you. The Chat box will also show if the member is online or not, if they have enabled that feature.Joining Date is totally your choice, we hope you enjoy our 100% free site. We simply provide a venue for people who are keen in dating or more.