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In some cases, the exact extent of the resection to be undertaken can be determined by performing cortical mapping at the time of the surgical procedure.This involves electrophysiologic recordings and cortical stimulation of the awake patient to identify the extent of epileptiform disturbances and the function of the cortical regions in questions.A medicament for preventing development of a neuropsychiatric disorder, the medicament comprising a botulinum toxin for administering to or to the vicinity of a trigeminal sensory nerve of the patient with a propensity to develop a neuropsychiatric disorder, thereby preventing development of the neuropsychiatric disorder.34.

In particular, the present invention is directed to a medicament containing a botulinum toxin for treating a neuropsychiatric and/or a chronic neurological disorder by administering the botulinum toxin to a trigeminal nerve.

One type of focal epilepsy is the psychomotor seizure.

Current therapy includes use of an EEG to localize abnormal spiking waves originating in areas of organic brain disease that predispose to focal epileptic attacks, followed by surgical excision of the focus to prevent future attacks.

The prevalence of epilepsy has been estimated at 5 to 10 people per 1000 population.

Severe, penetrating head trauma is associated with up to a 50% risk of leading to epilepsy.