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So what are some of the biggest cultural differences you should expect to encounter? So a woman who doesn’t abide by this rule is often seen a a woman who has no respect for herself by an Arab man’s standards.
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I felt uncomfortable with friends, and yet I hated the loneliness this brought.

The truth is I am an intensely social creature, but as a child, the social expectations were lost on me, I never seemed to do the ‘right’ thing and people were frighteningly unpredictable.

Why should I have to go against my nature just to fit in?

Narcissism is the pursuit of gratification from vanity or egotistic admiration of one's own attributes.

I’ve always found it impossible to imagine what it must be like to think any other way, so I can understand why it would be so hard to understand my way of being.

But it really isn’t so strange if you’re living it.

Just as Tourette’s is not all about swearing, OCD is not all about hand-washing, and ADHD is not all about having screaming fits and smashing up your property, so too is Autism much more than the stereotypes you see on television. It implied I was being stubborn and willful, when in fact I just could not help the way I was at the time – indeed, I couldn’t understand why what I was doing was so wrong.

What’s more is that the books on the subject would have you believe Autism is something that only affects children – but what happens to these children when they grow up? As far as I was concerned, all I was doing was being myself.

I believe my stubbornness is exactly what brought me to this place – because there are all too many people out there who came from the same position I did and have not been so lucky.I would grow desperately unhappy, cry, scream, all because my parents had decided we needed to wait until the following day to go do something I was expecting to do I do? Sure, they were often strange things, like my obsession with sharks, or black holes (at the age of 6), or the etymology of the English language (or any language, for that matter).I felt great pleasure in working out the Quadratic Equation in Algebra class. I practised singing along with my favourite songs until I could perfectly mimic all intonation and improvisation.I could always entertain myself, without the need for outside stimulus or company.I had high ethical standards, which led to a great sense of loyalty toward those I loved. If not for my loyalty and constant chatter, I wouldn’t have managed to make all these remarkable friends I’ve accumulated over the years, without whom the book could not have been made.The point is: some of it was a little crazy (and in fact still is). Without my love for reading, again, the book would not be published.