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There was a rebirth of the arts in the 1950s and 60s during a period of Cambodian nationalism.The Royal University of Fine Arts of Cambodia was established in 1964.Bizarrely, the titles of such episodes surprisingly often reference instead, with the person's name or a noun that describes them in place of "the Earth".Not to be confused with the funkarific song by Lakeside. Compare and contast with Journey to the Center of the Mind, Ghost in the Machine, Animate Body Parts and Brain with a Manual Control.

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John O'Mahoney wrote in The Guardian: Nowhere were the policies of the Khmer Rouge “applied more barbarously than to artists, writers and intellectuals, with an estimated 90 percent wiped out.The censors in Cambodia are known for being very strict.Matt Dillon, who made a film in Cambodia, told Time, “I was afraid of censorship, but they seemed more concerned that the movie was truthful even if it didn’t say the most flattering things about the country.” In recent years, pop singers and actresses have been the targets of what seems to be politically-motivated murders.Cambodia's traditional culture and the monuments of Angkor were endangered between 19 due to civil war.The Communist Khmer Rouge regime, which opposed and mistrusted religion and education, banned all of Cambodia's traditional arts and its written language.Throughout Cambodia's history, religious principles guided and inspired its arts.