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Dualcast (sometimes called Chainspell) is a key trait of the Red Mage available at all levels.

Upon casting any spell with a casting time, the player will gain the Dualcast effect, allowing them to instantly cast their next spell.

Chainspell is the level 1 Red Mage's special job ability that allows rapid spellcasting.

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Doublecast is a Special ability that allows a character to cast two Black Magic spells in a row.

Lulu's Overdrive, Fury, allows several successive spells of one type to be cast.

Seymour Guado and Seymour Omnis have the ability to double-cast or quadruple-cast the same elemental spell.

Doublecast is the level 20 ability of the Red Mage class, which allows the user to cast 2 spells of any equipped spell sets set on the character. Red Mage has Doublecast Fire as his default Soul Break, and can learn Doublecast Thunder when equipped with the Feathered Hat (III).

If the character has no magic commands, Doublecast will display nothing instead. Vivi can learn Doublecast Venom from Oaken Staff (IX) and Doublecast Meteorite from the Cypress Pine (IX) is an active special ability that allows its caster to use any of three magic types—White Magic, Black Magic and Green Magic—twice in one turn.