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Moreover, spending you time in Ukraine, you will get acquainted with the country, its history, culture and traditions, as well as its people’ mentality.

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Four in 10 young people overall said they encounter that word being used against other people, with half of those seeing it often.Other derogatory expressions are more common and accepted.

"Anything that you put into print can be used."The AP-MTV poll was conducted Aug.And an Associated Press-MTV poll shows they don't worry much about whether the things they tap into their cellphones and laptops could reach a wider audience and get them into trouble.Seventy-one percent say people are more likely to use slurs online or in text messages than in person, and only about half say they are likely to ask someone using such language online to stop."On Twitter, everybody's getting hit hard.The poll of 14- to 24-year-olds shows a significant minority are upset by some pejoratives, especially when they identify with the group being targeted."It's so derogatory to women and demeaning, it just makes you feel gross," Lori Pletka, 22, says about "slut" and more vulgar words aimed at women.The Southeast Missouri State University senior said other terms regularly offend her online, too - slurs for black people, Hispanics, and gays or lesbians.If your teenage son or daughter has a smartphone, they may be using a series of secret codes to communicate with friends without you or other parents knowing what they’re saying.