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In all of these it is assumed that the public key or symmetric key, i.e., the shared secret, is derived and valid as specified in the protocol scheme.
until she agrees to chaperone the football team on a trip out of town.

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You now click over to your Twitter client to see your friend’s latest updates, click back to your text editor, type a few sentences and hit alt-tab. Because of your habit, you expect it to go to your web browser, but because the last used application was your Twitter client, that’s where it switches. Then you hit alt-tab to switch back to your editor (habit! The troubled cycle repeats until MRU’s ordered once again aligns with your habit.The constantly shifting positions means that the pattern of tapping alt-tab to switch to the window you desire becomes unpredictable.That promotes the habituation so your fingers can, over time, learn with for which app pairs to tap tab and for which to double-tap tab. App switching can be be modeled with a Markov model.

Last time we covered the event queue method, an entirely client-side way of implementing a light-weight, multi-level undo.

If you think of anything please let me know in a comment. If you come up with something awesome, I’ll send you some Firefox goodies.

RT @aza Solving the Alt-Tab Problem This is the second part of the Undo Made Easy with Ajax series.

Tap multiple times to cycle through all open applications.

It seems simple enough, but there’s a interface gorilla in the room: What order should the applications be shown and cycled through?