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But when I called them a couple months before the wedding to confirm, there was a rather large discrepancy with the price. They were easy to work with and we had NO issues at all with them! While our backdrop was fairly simple, they do all kinds of creative and beautiful pipe and drape solutions.

Long story short, I found Colonial Events and we booked white pipe and drape and had four uplights with purple gels for one bad arse out-the-door price. Colonial Events: 248-589-3544 Here’s the ballroom WITH a backdrop. Courtesy of Heather Saunders So, I heard this on the radio last week as I was stuffing my face with a Twinkie.

The triangle has one side measuring approximately 32 metres (105 ft) and two sides both measuring 22 metres (72 ft).Grade: A Heather Saunders is an angel behind the lense. (If you think about it, all your vendors share your day – they help MAKE your day. Price – I had heard alterations were pricey at Demetrios. Understandably, she was worried that I would pop a seam.She has a sense and a way about her that brings the beauty out of you. You have to TRUST them.) And, Heather’s photography also was exactly what I was looking for. But as I suspected, on my wedding day, I found my dress to be looser and less form fitting that I wanted. Overall – I was happy with my experience at Demetrios and I’d definitely add them to your bridal salon hit list. And she has this innate ability to paint the most beautiful picture of your wedding day. So, I wanted to find someone who could make me feel at ease. They are a busier salon because they’re open on Saturday’s and Sunday’s. And, I asked what kind of discount I could get if I paid for my dress and veil in full at the time I purchased. My thinking was – you only really hear about the bad reviews as opposed to the good reviews. Source All in all – I had a good experience at Brides by Demetrios. Their salespeople didn’t try and doll me up like a cupcake with then trendy gowns – and they listened to what I liked and disliked and had me try on a ton of dresses that fit with They were among the salons that had some negative customer service reviews, but I didn’t have that experience. Alterations: B- Demetrios also had some bad reviews when it came to alterations. There are so many wonderful Metro Detroit wedding ideas I’d like to post! Bridge The Davids Bridal gown sale has been extended until Monday, Dec. I’d make an appointment just in case and go super early to miss the crowds!